Printing Cemetery Mariawicki


95-100 Zgierz, ul. Dygasińskiego

occupies 0.5 hectares surface.

Pochowani include: Joseph Barnabas Gromulski, Adam Gutkowski, religious sisters and parishioners.

the initiative of Fr. Joseph Pągowskiego at the beginning of the twentieth century was quite strong in Zgierz mariawicki centre. In the parish church was built Przybyla and assumes a cemetery - to open today. Before the death of Fr. J. Pagowski Mariavite give up religion and returned to the Roman Catholic religion. temple standing Street. Slovak 10, given a church rzymskokatolickiemu.

Currently cemetery care of parishioners who are socially in the nineties the twentieth century, they raised parish church , who is simultaneously function chapel przedpogrzebowej.

used include:
Publisher: Society of Friends Zgierz
Yellowknife 2003, ISBN 83-920038-0-2