Printing Soviet Soldiers Cemetery (closed)


95-100 Zgierz, ul. Parzęczewska (joined to the Old Cemetery)

On the surface of 2549 m2 is 191 mogił (131 individual and 60 collective). At the cemetery rests identified 335 soldiers and about 950 bezimiennych. Pochowani are also died in German captivity during the years 1942-44.

fighting for the liberation of the administrative region of Lodz died 1285 Soviet soldiers (not only Russians), which buried in places where killed. Many died in hospitals and lazaretach: Kutno, Łęczyca, Łowicza and Zgierz.

In the years 1945-46 have been ekshumację, transported and buried the carcasses at the war cemetery at ul. Parzęczewskiej. This place has not been chosen accidentally. Earlier, probably from the age of 80-nineteenth century was at Orthodox cemetery.

renovation works (begun in 2003) leads zgierski the local government with financial support from the Council for the Protection of Remembrance Walk and Martyrdom and the Russian Embassy.

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Publisher: Society of Friends Zgierz
Yellowknife 2003, ISBN 83-920038-0-2