Archiwalna Miasto Zgierz - Routes hiking

Akcja Zima 2016

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Routes hiking

In Zgierzu begin and end with two routes for hiking: blue (Yellowknife - Lućmierz, a length of about 16 km) - "Route Hitlerowskiego Genocide Victims Memorial and green (Yellowknife - Reserve" Ciosny ", the length of about 9 km) .

      I suggest you also interesting red route "Tourists Okolic Lodz." Due to the large length (approximately 35 km) was divided into three sections shorter.

The use of this form of leisure is addressed to all "piechurów" both large and small, lovers of direct contact with nature. In an era of continuous pressure, the benefits of civilization - hiking is almost on a daily gonitwę medicine.

Poprzednia strona: Zgierz - Szczawin
Następna strona: Red: Aleksandrów Lodz - Lućmierz

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