Archiwalna Miasto Zgierz - Authorities and Institutions

Akcja Zima 2016

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Authorities and Institutions

Zgierz fully not only the role of the City satelickiego, contained in more than one million inhabitants Agglomeration Lodz, but it is also the administrative centre of the district level.

In Zgierz as the capital of the district has its headquarters-level ponadlokalnego many institutions, which include: District, District Employment Office, Powiatowa Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, District Inspector Construction Supervision, District Veterinary Inspector .

Moreover, in the city are: Department of Social Security, Tutus Agricultural Social Insurance, the Office Gminy Zgierz, Zgierz Municipality, the tax office, the Office of State Civil, etc.

City residents use the services of the Office of Adwokackich and Notarial. In the city courts operate, the Public Prosecutor's Office and Enforcement Officers, their parliamentary offices are members of Poland.

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