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Objects historic

particularly clear in the history of Zgierz pointed to the nineteenth century. To this day, preserved the original layout of the city and individual buildings distinguished by an interesting form and decorations. The landscape architectural Zgierz there is a very clear distinction between old and new city, evident in its buildings and installation of.

The oldest part of the town is located on a hill next to neo-gothic church of St. St. Catharine (built in 1910-1920 by the project engineer. Lemene S.). In the church there are many valuable relics of art, the oldest of which come from the seventeenth century addition to one home (Street. Wróblej 4) no longer trace of the building prior to the nineteenth century. With the building dates back 1820 years old rectory. This area is characterized by irregular streets of different widths. and its building is in the vast part of the nineteenth-century.

Odmiennie looks like New Town. Scheduled as a whole in the years 1821-23, presented in sub-rules of symmetry. This division is a document Zgierz time of the creation of the textile industry in Poland and achievements of this city in the area of economic activities. A large team called. weaving houses in the center of a certificate of Zgierz sukienniczego wave of settlements in the mid-nineteenth century, this district was reasonably designed urban planning model for other cities and settlements factory circle Lodz nineteenth century.

For the interesting places worth visiting our city to be Zgierz City Museum, which is located in a classicist, a historic building, at 1828. Dabrowski 21.

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