Archiwalna Miasto Zgierz - Association

Akcja Zima 2016

Budżet Obywatelski









Association is a voluntary association of persons and sustainable, non, determining their own programs and structure. Occasionally you may pursue business by providing income to the statutory objectives with the exception of members of the association. In Poland, may be ordinary and registered associations. The Association may simply be formed by at least 3 people to be able to begin operations. Just let adm. the supervisory authority, the Association of simply does not have legal personality and can not conduct business, using donations from the public and build relationships. The Association recorded may be formed by at least 15 people, which must enact the statute setting out the objectives, activities and land authority. Once registered with the district court receives legal personality. Association general could be higher in Poland until 1989 registered association, which is of particular achievement in the implementation of social goals (such as RB). Recognition as an association of higher utility should be effected by way of regulation the Council of Ministers, but Act of 1989 (the law on associations) does not foresee the possibility of creating a higher utility associations.

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